Top Rated Nursing Homes

Top Rated Nursing Homes

Placing a loved one in care is a tough decision for any family member to have to make, so making sure the care that a relative receives is of the highest standards is of the upmost importance. Finding top rated nursing homes in your area can be beneficial to both patient and family and friends; to know that a relative`s best interests are being served by nurses is a huge weight lifted of families shoulders.



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Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is an independent regulator of nursing and care homes provided by:

  • National Health Service
  • Local Authorities
  • Private companies
  • Voluntary organisations

The CQC is a place to visit to find top rated nursing homes in the country. Their aim is to make sure that residents in homes are receiving the best care possible; they do this by carrying out regular visits to homes across the country and reporting on findings. The CQC encourage improvement across the care that is provided and always put people first, anything that is not up to standard and just to be bad practice is remedied quickly and effectively.

Is it now required in the UK that every nursing home is registered with the CQC, this has led to a fall in the cases of abuse and negligence in homes. They make sure that top rated nursing homes and lesser homes have equal standards in terms of the qualifications of nurses providing care, health and safety and the dietary requirements of each resident. Reports that are filed can be viewed free of charge by the public and can be easily accessed online, the findings are always guaranteed to be:

  • Impartial and free from bias
  • Honest
  • Accurate
  • Trusted
  • Fair

Using these reports when looking for top rated nursing homes can be extremely beneficial in helping you choose the right home to provide care to you family member or friend. In the past the CQC awarded homes stars based on findings of reports, the ratings were based on the highest star rating being the best, this is set to be replaced with top rated nursing homes receiving  a `gold standard’ award to signify excellence in care. A `gold standard’ nursing home would be one which has shown to have the best:

  • Carer qualifications
  • Food quality
  • Variety of activities for residents
  • Staff to resident ratio
  • Health and safety
  • Cleanliness

Nursing homes will have to apply to have a rating and pay for the service, but having the rating will set them apart from other homes.

The Internet

Using the internet has become a popular and useful way of finding top rated nursing homes. There are websites which can list homes in the area you choose and for the care that you require; this can be done easily with the help of drop down menus. Once you have filtered out the unwanted search terms then top rated homes will be listed for you to read up on and all contact details of the home will be supplied.

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