Directory of Nursing Homes

Directory of Nursing Homes

Once the tough decision has been made that a loved one requires the care and attention of a nursing home, the next difficult step is to find a suitable home. There are over 20,000 nursing and care homes throughout the UK offering services to all kinds of conditions and disabilities; using a directory of nursing homes can put you in touch with homes providing the care you need in your area.



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Nursing homes directories

Using a directory of nursing homes can help to make the traumatic experience of choosing a home easier; they have dedicated databases containing every home in the United Kingdom. Each home on the site will contain:

  • Photographs
  • Descriptions
  • Contact details
  • Prices

Using the directory can put you in touch with potential homes with minutes. The best place to find a directory of nursing homes would be to use the internet, there are several dedicated websites providing this service.

The Nursing Homes Directory

The Nursing Home Directory is a dedicated website providing information on nursing homes and care homes across the UK. The offer advice and information on what to look for in a home and can put you in touch with an independent care advisor for detailed help and advice should you need it; they also provide a list of questions that should be asked when contacting homes of interest.

The Care Directory

If you are looking for a comprehensive directory of nursing homes then The Care Directory should be visited. They were set up specifically to provide a database and guide to nursing and care homes throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Searching for homes in your area can done be choosing the county which is relevant, a description of homes providing the care you require in that area will then be shown. The Care Directory provides more than just a database of homes in the UK, they provide help and advice on all aspects of choosing care, on subjects such as:

  • Choosing care
  • Paying for care
  • Funding
  • Social services
  • Legal advice

They can also put you in touch with and independent care advisor and free financial advisors to give you detailed information on choosing care, this can be particularly beneficial to those who have no prior experience with choosing nursing homes. offers a directory of nursing homes alongside in depth information and advice on types of care that is available. The whole of the UK is covered with details of homes in every area, all available to view easily with the help of drop down menus. They also have a Freephone advice line for any information you need on care.

Once you have found a home through a directory that you feel may be suitable you should contact them to arrange a visit. It is not advisable to choose a home to care for a relative or client purely based on a photo and a few details; you will need see services in action for yourself and get a feel of the home.

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