Nursing Homes Ratings

Nursing Homes Ratings

Placing a family member or somebody close to you in care can be a hard choice to make; choosing the right nursing home for them can be even harder. Anyone who is searching for a care home wants to make sure that their loved one receives the highest standard possible in a home; one that will be comfortable and suited to their needs. Nursing homes ratings can be important in helping people; especially those with no experience in choosing nursing homes choose the best location available.

Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission commonly referred to as the CQC are an independent regulator of nursing homes across the UK. They are responsible for making sure that each and every home is up to the highest standards and that there are no cases of abuse present.

Code Table

Nursing homes ratings were given to homes following inspection visits, this was in the form of stars, three being excellent, two being good and one being adequate, those with no star rating were rated as poor. The CQC has ceased rating nursing homes this way as of June 2010, replacing it with a new gold standard system, those with the highest standards in care, food, variety of activities and health and safety will be classed as gold standard. The CQC star rating is still used by many nursing homes and can those nursing homes ratings that are three stars are still classed as the best around.

Where for Care

Where for care is a nursing homes ratings, reviews and comparison website that can give good insight into what nursing and care homes across the UK can offer. Ratings are given by residents’ or family of residents in the form of stars. One star is regarded as unsatisfactory and five stars are regarded as excellent, everything from food to activities can be rated accordingly. Using the star rating system is helpful for those that are looking for rating and reviews on a particular home; alongside the ratings is a brief review and description of the home.

Blogs and videos

Blogging is a vastly popular way of people venting their feelings on various issues, many people choose to blog about nursing homes. Bloggers that have visited or have family in care often provide their own nursing homes ratings and reviews that can give others a view on certain aspects of the homes. Blogs are easily found with the use of online search engines.

Another of finding nursing homes ratings that is becoming more and more popular is through online video site such as YouTube. People make videos rating and reviewing homes and posting them online for other to view free of charge.

Nursing homes websites

Visiting the personal website of a home that you are interested in may also give you access to ratings that the home has received from residents, family, local press or regulators. Those with good ratings are keen to show off their credentials and detail the aspects and facilities which received the rating.

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