Elderly Care Nursing Homes

Elderly Care Nursing Homes

Nursing home care plays a major part in the lives of people who no longer have the ability to care for themselves. The chance for them to be cared for 24 hours a day benefits not only the patient but the family also. The family can rest in the knowledge that loved ones are in the best place suited to their condition. Elderly care nursing homes are heavily populated by sufferers of dementia and other related conditions such as Alzheimer`s disease.

What do elderly care nursing homes offer?

The main benefactor of putting a loved one into to care is the treatment that they can receive; this is something that just can be achieved round the clock at home.

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Elderly care nursing homes are populated with trained and registered nurses that provide the complete care needed by residents. Nurses are there to support patients whilst also allowing them to be as independent as possible, those that are confined to beds and chairs and those that require personal help are also helped with day to day activities. Help can be given with tasks such as feeding and bathing as-well as help with mechanical and manual walking aids, those that are bed ridden are helped to prevent bed sores by being moved into different positions and being kept comfortable. Nurses also treat resident with the upmost dignity, respect and privacy and are encouraged to form friendly relationships with residents’ to make elderly nursing homes as homely and community like as possible.


The independence that is promoted through elderly nursing homes is shown in the rooms that are offered to residents. They have a full range of facilities to make the resident feel fully at home with en-suite bathrooms, televisions, internet and a mini fridge. Rooms can be filled and decorated with personal belongings from home and there is space for the visit of family and friends, dementia patients can benefit from name placards on doors and memory boxes that are filled with photographs, certificates from home that can be viewed to trigger memories. Some homes have rooms that are specially designed to cater to couples who are entering care together and wish to share; all accommodation is brightly decorated with plenty of windows to keep the mood of the home upbeat.


Dining rooms and meals in elderly nursing homes are important in elderly nursing homes not just for residents to receive proper meals but for everyone to come together and enjoy a social atmosphere. Dining rooms are decorated with colours that can improve appetite and create ambience and those who require help eating and drinking can receive personal help. There is always a wide variety of meals available at all meal times with choice to suit all residents, those that require special dietary requirements can be catered to specifically by the chef.


Activities in elderly nursing homes are thought to be as important as medical care, with residents and staffs are encouraged to partake in exercises and games.

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