Nursing Homes for Dementia

Nursing Homes for Dementia

Nursing homes for dementia sufferers are on the rise and this coincides with the ever-aging population of the UK. Of the over 65`s, it is thought that one in three of those people will suffer from some form of dementia.

Caring for a loved one who has started to show signs of dementia can be tough; they will need 24 hour care which sometimes cannot be met by friends or relatives neither in time nor expertise. In these cases finding nursing homes for dementia that can take care of your loved one can be beneficial for both parties.

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Dementia is found in the main in elderly patients, in usually happens gradually over time with signs of memory loss, confusion and problems with speech, language and understanding. These symptoms are caused when the brain becomes affected, common forms of dementia are:

  • Alzheimer`s
  • Vascular
  • Dementia with lewy bodies

Choosing nursing homes for dementia

Any decision that is taken to place a friend or relative into care is going to be a tough one; you will want to find nursing homes for dementia suffers that suit all the requirements of you and your loved one.

A lot of the time people enter a nursing home following a stay in hospital and when they can no longer care for themselves. This leaves the relative or representative with little time to make a choice on which home to make residence. Another common difficulty is that often relatives do not have any experience when knowing what to look for in a home. Seeking the help of a GP or the local authority can be beneficial is advising you on what to look for and possibly recommending a suitable home.

The thing of upmost importance when choosing a care home with the care which is provided by nurses, making sure the nurses are fully competent of handling patients with dementia is of the upmost importance. Paying a visit to potential homes to get a feel of how the staffs conduct themselves and how they interact with resident may be advisable.

Sufferers of dementia in any form who require care are eligible for funding towards a registered nurse; this will pay for the work of a qualified, registered nurse to provide one to one care with the resident. The funding comes from the Registered Nursing Care Contribution and will be paid by the NHS directly to the nursing home of your choice. This payment should not be confused with covering the full cost of living; this is to be paid by the resident.

Other things you may want to look for when choosing nursing homes for dementia are things such as the décor, bright and cheerful paint and wallpaper should be favoured over dark colours, also plenty of windows in the home helps to brighten the atmosphere. Residents should be allowed to feel a sense of independence and a home with a large garden in which residents can take part in watering flowers can also be helpful.

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