Dementia in Nursing Homes

Dementia in Nursing Homes

Dementia in nursing homes is the most common condition of residents of these establishments in the UK. Around two thirds of residents in homes are thought to have some form of the condition. Nursing homes are the best place for those with dementia so they can get the treatment they need; this is because they are unable to care for themselves and must be looked after 24 hours a day.

Nursing homes

Dementia in nursing homes is well catered for; some homes are dedicated to the sole care of those suffering from dementia, and those that care for residents with other conditions usually have a section of the home that is dedicated to dementia.

Nursing homes are set up to make residents feel as at home as possible, the aim for staff and nurses is to help the resident to sustain and lead as much of an independent life as possible. Residents are given their own rooms where personal belongings can be stored as-well as memory boxes containing photos of friends and family and items that can trigger memories. Most modern nursing homes provide resident rooms that contains everything that a resident will need, this includes:

  • En-suite bathroom
  • Flat screen television with digital
  •  DVD player
  • Telephone
  • Internet access
  • Mini fridge

Rooms are designed to residents comfort, choice and most of all independence.  All nursing homes also have a day room or living room, this is where residents can socialise with each other, watch television, listen to music and read the daily newspapers. Staffs also interact with residents to give the homes a community feel.

Sufferers of dementia in nursing homes also like to feel like they can still enjoy the outdoors, this is where the garden is important. All homes will have secured, safe gardens for residents to relax or enjoy activities in, they are also encouraged to partake in gardening tasks, such as planting flowers.

Rooms will have individual name placards on doors to act as reminders to residents and colour coded bathroom doors and toilet seats make for easy visibility.


Keeping residents with dementia is nursing homes, happy and entertained is important and many homes have a range of activities that can be done each day.  Nurses and staff provided a routine of different activities each day to entertain residents. Games such as indoor bowls are popular along with board game favourites such as scrabble and chess. Movie nights are also popular in homes with residents allowed to choose movies to watch on big screens.

Residents are encouraged to involve themselves in activities such as:

  • Baking
  • Cake decorating
  • Laying tables at meal times
  • Arts and crafts

Homes also have weekly visitors such as yoga experts and dogs for the residents to fuss over. Music is also a big part of the entertainment with move to music exercise classes and the visits of local performers.

Residents with dementia in nursing homes are also provided with reminiscence therapy classes, to help to trigger memories using items from their past experiences.

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