Nursing Homes Activities

Nursing Homes Activities

Residents in nursing homes, require the need for 24 hour care. Medical care is, of course, a major part of the care; but just as important are nursing homes activities. Activities can play a big part in the health and self- esteem of residents along with giving them a sense of enjoyment and independence.

Who provides activities?

Nursing homes activities are usually designed organised and carried out by a dedicated activity coordinator. They activity coordinator will create daily activities for the residents to do in the home and plan regular excursions into the local community for days out or shopping trips. The variation of activities is also important and coordinators can organise the visit of people to the home to provide yoga classes and exercise classes to keep the residents active.

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Kinds of activities

Nursing homes activities and the way they are carried out will vary from home to home and on the condition of the patient. Many homes have weekly routines where by certain activities are designated to certain days giving residents something to look forward to each week.

Musical events are present in most homes and are all enjoyed by residents regardless of condition, residents are able to take part actively or passively. Residents are able to choose from their favourite songs and join in with a sing along with nurses and volunteers. Friends of the home may visit from time to time to perform for residents, friends and family are invited along to the performances to make the event into a sociable community one.

Nursing homes activities outdoors are important to retain residents’ sense of independence and tasks such as gardening and cookouts are regular occurrences. Residents are able to enjoy the nursing home gardens freely to relax and enjoy the weather. Other outdoor activities include regular excursions in the community; trips can provide mental stimulation to the residents. Funding for the trips is generally funded by the sale of arts and crafts or donations from relatives and local community members.

Book services are a popular activity with residents with visits from local library services to the homes. All kinds of books are available including talking books for the blind, staff can help residents who are visually impaired or find reading difficult.

Games of all kinds are organised on a daily basis, they can include board games such as scrabble and chess. A popular favourite with residents is bingo, which can involve the whole of the home, staff and residents. Relatives and friends are encouraged to involve themselves in games and fun tournaments can be arranged for players of chess and bridge.

Nursing homes activities can also include reminiscence and discussion groups. The activity coordinator will decide on a subject will can be discussed socially by residents. Using the discussion groups alongside coffee mornings is a resident favourite; topics can be on anything from current affairs to history or religion. Residents will choose on a topic to be discussed at the groups and those that are interested can partake.

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