Luxury Nursing Homes

Luxury Nursing Homes

The option of placing a loved one that requires 24 hour care in a first class nursing home is something that will appeal to everyone. There are a number of luxury nursing homes throughout the UK that can cater to the requirements of many conditions.

What makes a nursing home luxury?

Luxury nursing homes are generally set apart from the rest thanks to the highest standard of care, location of the home and the facilities. Many of them are converted manor houses, situated in beautiful grounds within a prime location in the local area. A luxury nursing home wouldn`t be that without being awarded the highest possible rating from the Care Quality Commission, a three star rating from the CQC would mean the home have some of the best care in the country.

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Care provided

Luxury nursing homes can provide different kinds of care but most of them are generally catered to the elderly and those suffering with forms of dementia such as Alzheimer`s disease. Care is provided 24 hours a day by registered, qualified nurses and personal assistance is given to those that need it. Personal assistance includes help with feeding and bathing as-well as toileting and grooming. Most homes welcome residents for both long and short term care along with respite care, enabling those that care for relatives or friends at home to have a much deserved break to re-charge the batteries. Residents will also receive the care of other professionals during their stay and will be registered to a GP or can continue to use their own GP if they fall into the local catchment area. Occupational therapists and speech and language therapists to help with aspects of disability and promote independent living and chiropodists, beauticians and hairdressers frequently visit to provide residents with expert grooming.


Rooms in luxury nursing homes offer a touch of class, with many having access to a balcony overlooking beautiful scenery. All rooms contain en-suite bathrooms and television, telephones and central heating. There will also be an emergency call bell for instant attention of a nurse to any problem. All rooms will contain luxury furniture and much emphasis is placed on making the resident feel as at home as possible allowing pieces of furniture to be brought from home along with pictures and family mementos, some home also allow the stay of pets.


Luxury nursing homes like most other nursing homes place massive importance in having a varied and interesting activity program. Daily games are organised to include all residents including favourites such as bridge and bingo, arts and crafts class and gardening are also popular and can improve the self- esteem of residents. Trips out in to the local community are also regular occurrences and residents can visits local shopping centres and have trips to the cinema or garden centres. Music plays a big part in residents’ enjoyment and can be exercised to or just used to relax. Reading is also a favourite and homes receive regular visits from the local library.

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