Funding For Nursing Homes

Funding For Nursing Homes

As anyone who entered themselves or someone they love into care, that costs and fees can be expensive. Before taken the decision to enter care it is important to find out all of the necessary information, funding for nursing homes is available for residents who are eligible and can cover certain costs of care.

Finding out about funding for nursing homes

Finding out about possible funding for nursing homes is essential to everyone seeking care; there are people out there that can provide advice and information. Visiting your or your representatives GP to discuss nursing care can be helpful. A GP will give able to advise you on all aspects of care, such as what care is needed and what kinds of nursing homes are available, they will also be able to advise you on funding.

Independent care advisors also offer great expertise in providing information regarding all aspects of care; they charge no fees for their services and can answer any queries you may have about care costs and nursing home benefits. There are websites available on the internet that can offer information and advice about funding, sites such as care directories are a good resource for help and advice.

Funding for nursing homes care

Funding for the care received in nursing homes is available to anyone that has a condition that requires the need for 24 hour a day nursing, this could mental health issues such as dementia and Alzheimer`s or physical disabilities such as neurological disorders. Funding will cover the full cost of nursing during the residents stay at the home. Care will be provided by a registered NHS nurse and will be paid directly to the home of choice by the NHS; the payment is taken from the Registered Nursing Care Contribution Fund (RNCC). The amount paid by the NHS to the nursing home will be determined by the level of a person`s care needs, these are referred to as high, medium and low level care needs, the higher level will be those with more serious conditions and will receive a higher payment.

Assessment will be carried out on patients to determine whether or not the need for nursing is required. A register nurse will act as the assessor and look to provide answers to questions such as:

  • Is a care home with 24 hour nursing environment required for the person`s condition?
  • Does the person want or need nursing care or are there other options available?

Certain aspects will be taken into account by the assessor when coming to a decision about funding for nursing homes. All information on what is known about the condition of the patient and how their behaviour is conducted over a week or two. All potential outcomes will be considered if the patient was not provided support or if support was offered in other ways. The person`s independence and the risks involved both for the person involved and the family of that person should be taken into account.

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