Palliative Care Nursing Homes

Palliative Care Nursing Homes

For carers of someone who suffering from a serious illness, the help of palliative care nursing homes can be crucial. Caring for someone when needs 24 hour support and assistance can be tough on most families, especially those with no prior care experience, knowing that dedicated nurses can provide the highest standard of care for your loved one can be of great comfort and peace of mind.

What is Palliative Care?

Palliative care nursing homes providing palliative care is aimed at providing relief from pain and other symptoms that are brought about through serious illness. The main aim of this care is to improve the quality of a patient’s life as much as possible by increasing comfort, promoting a patient`s dignity and providing the best support available to both the patient and the people that are close to them.

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Palliative care is relevant for anyone of any age that has or is facing serious illness. Care is supplied alongside other treatment methods that are used to prolong the life of the patient at early stages of disease and through to end of life and bereavement. It should be noted that palliative care does not prolong or hasten death in any way, instead is promotes and celebrates life and regards dying as a normal part of the process. It gives those with limited time, the comfort and support needed to have the best possible final days.


Palliative care nursing homes can provide a patient with everything they need in terms of support and treatment of illness. The support provided will be made up of many factors including:

  • Self- help and support
  • Rehabilitation
  • Social support
  • End of life and bereavement care
  • Spiritual support
  • Psychological support
  • User involvement
  • Symptom control

The support of palliative nursing homes will help both the resident and the family cope with the condition and the treatment of it. Everything is geared towards making sure that the patient can live as well as possible whilst care is being administered.


Care to patients in palliative nursing homes is provided by a team of professionals working alongside the nurses to provide the best care available. Occupational therapists, physiotherapists, chaplains and nutritionists may all be present and consulting with each other to meet the individual`s personal requirements.

Staffs are all fully trained to ensure patients’ are able to life to the maximum level of independence possible, whilst at all times making sure to respect their privacy and dignity. Detailed end of life plans and assessments are conducted by nursing homes with help from the resident, the family of the resident and the relevant professionals.

Many homes work towards providing the `gold standard framework for palliative care’ as developed by the NHS. This gives homes accreditation in providing high quality, empathetic and personal care. This is beneficial to family member who can rest assured that the resident is receiving the highest standards of care that can be achieved in a place that is supportive of resident and family.

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