Private Nursing Homes

Private Nursing Homes

Nursing homes around the UK provide care to people that require help with all day to day activities, these could be help with a number of things:

  • Washing and bathing
  • Grooming
  • Continence
  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Feeding
  • Diet care

Also admitted to nursing homes are people that have conditions which require nursing care on a daily basis from nurses which are registered nursed or licensed practical nurses. The patients can receive help with daily living and all aspects of housekeeping and laundry are also taken care of.

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Private nursing homes are popular across the UK with dozens in each area, choosing a nursing home will lie with a carer or relative acting on the patients behalf, there a different thing to look at when choosing private nursing homes and just as with buying a house of car it is best to shop around to see what each one offers.

Choosing private nursing homes

Private nursing homes across the UK in the main have the highest standard of care available, all nurses are fully trained and qualified and homes have to be registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The Care Quality Commission carry out regular checks to nursing homes around the UK and provide reports on their findings, accessing these reports in easy and could provide you with good information on the homes you are looking at. All the reports are unbiased, honest, fair and trusted.

Finding the perfect care for your friend or relative is essential and you will want to make sure that they are going to be well cared for, happy and comfortable wherever they go. The best thing to do when looking at private nursing homes is to have around four of five homes in your local area to choose from. Take the time to make appointments with these homes to arrange a visit to look around at see the services on offer. Booking and appointment at meal times can be sensible, giving you chance to look at the food on offer and gage the all-round atmosphere of the place.

Things to ask and look for

Private nursing homes will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding their service and facilities, you shouldn`t be afraid to ask about anything you would like to know.  Ask about the day to day care of patients if they are helped with grooming and feeding, this will be important if your friend of relative needs help in these areas. You should look at residents to see if they look comfortable and are dressed and groomed, also look to see if the resident and day rooms are brightly and cheerfully decorated, having depressing surroundings won`t be helpful.

Look at how the staffs interact with patients and ask about staff numbers, to make sure there is enough to care equally for all patients. Staff interaction and care is especially important if your friend of relative suffers from dementia, you should also make sure there are good levels of security.

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