Nursing Homes for the Elderly

Nursing Homes for the Elderly

Nursing homes for the elderly can be a beneficial placed for relative to spend their final years. They can provide a community atmosphere for those residents that require 24 hour care and can no longer care for themselves.

Modern homes are designed to make the resident feel and live as independently as possible whilst receiving the treatment they need. All homes must be registered with the Care Quality Commission, who makes the sure that standards are met by each home. Checks are carried out regularly by the CQC and ratings are awarded to each home; stars are awarded with three stars rated highest.

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All nursing homes for the elderly have a wealth of qualified, registered nursing that care offer care, support and treatment to residents 24 hours a day. They can administer medication and help with day to day basics should the resident require it, help with daily tasks include:

  • Help with getting dressed
  • Getting to and from bed
  • Assistance with manual or mechanical equipment
  • Grooming
  • Washing and bathing
  • Oral care
  • Continence

There are other staffs that work alongside the nurses to provide comprehensive care to residents:

  • Activity coordinators- Activities play a big role in the role of enhancing residents’ life and well-being.  The activity coordinators play the role of organising activities such as quizzes and arts and crafts. They also organise trips out into the local community for the residents and staff.
  • Occupational Therapists- Residents who suffer from mental of physical issues can be helped by the regular visit of an occupational therapist, they work one to one with residents to promote independence and organise activities and exercises that residents can do in improve the movement of limbs.
  • Speech and Language Therapists- A lot of nursing homes for the elderly are home to sufferers of dementia; this causes speech, language and communication to be affected. Speech and Language therapists work with residents to improve and treat communication problems with the use of exercises and facial massages.

Other staffs pay regular visits to homes such as hairdressers who pay weekly visits to provide haircuts in the homes dedicated salon. Chiropodists are also important in paying regular visits to nursing homes for the elderly, by providing foot treatment and making residents’ foot care needs are taken care of.


Making sure residents do not become malnourished is of the upmost importance and daily dining in nursing homes for the elderly is made to feel like a sociable and enjoyable event. Dining rooms are decorated with that stimulate appetite and menus have a wide variety of health, wholesome meals provide by qualified chefs. Individual dietary requirements are also catered for.


Residents’ are provided with rooms that provide comfort, enjoyment and independence, some homes have rooms that are designed specifically for couples.  Most rooms have en-suite bathrooms as-well as a full array of facilities including:

  • Tea and coffee making
  • TV, DVD and digital TV
  • Telephone
  • Internet access

Homes also have day rooms, for activities, reading and visitors.



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