PA Nursing Homes

PA Nursing Homes

Caring for someone that suffers from a condition of any kind that requires 24 hour care on a daily basis can be a difficult job, especially for family members of a patient with no experience of proper training in care. The need for round the clock care can be a huge burden on someone’s shoulders, nursing homes can take on the patient and provide the care of qualified nurses that sometimes can be achieved at home. PA nursing homes can be extremely beneficial for those that can no longer take care for themselves.


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PA nursing homes (PA stands for personal assistant/assistance) can provide residents with help with all aspects of daily life whilst still promoting independence and offering the chance to live life and function to maximum level possible. Personal assistance care can provide you with a nurse to meet you requirements in a medical and physical sense but also as a friend and someone to talk to.

PA care

The nurses in PA nursing homes can provide you with help and support on a daily basis and always sure to remain respectful to your dignity and privacy. Residents that are confined to beds or chairs are constantly kept comfortable and changed into different positions every two hours to make sure that bed and pressure sores caused by friction on sheets and upholstery are prevented from manifesting.

Help can also be given to residents who suffer from continence problems, personal assistants can help with toileting and skin care as-well as making sure that any soiled clothing or bedding is washed, cleaned and returned in a discreet manner.

Some residents in PA nursing homes may require help with general hygiene; this could be things such as washing and bathing or shaving.  Nurses also make sure that residents oral care is taken care off, helping to brush teeth, floss or make sure dentures are properly cleaned. Nail care is also taken care of and a chiropodist will pay regular visits to the homes to make sure that all foot care is taken care of.

Physical assistance can also be given with help given with getting to and from bed and getting dressed; residents can also be aided and taught the use of any manual or mechanical aids that they may require.

PA`s can also give help with feeding and making sure that all special dietary requirements are catered to and that meals are properly ate and enough fluids are drank, dehydration and malnourishment are not allowed to happen.

All care is carried across the home, with homes being designed to allow the resident as much freedom as possible, each one will have their own private room and most homes have large gardens for activities and relaxation.

PA nursing homes residents’ can receive help with funding to pay for a registered nurse to provide the care; this is paid by the NHS to the nursing home of the resident and takes care of the PA nurses wages during the residents stay at the home.

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