Activities Elderly Nursing Homes

Activities Elderly Nursing Homes

One of the most important factors in care is the organising and administering of activities; elderly nursing homes especially use activities to promote independence and give residents the chance to enjoy something different each day. They are also beneficial to helping residents socialise and communicate with each other and can give each nursing home more of a community feel.

Group activities

Group activities, elderly nursing homes organise are popular with both residents and staff. Whilst these do not focus fully on the needs of the individual they can bring together members of the home with similar abilities and interests and give them the chance to share general views, life stories and knowledge with each other and with staff. The group activities are typically divided into to four main categories:


The first of the group activities, elderly nursing homes like to use, is that of orientation. Different varieties of quizzes are popular and can be used not only for fun and enjoyment but to assist the ability of long and short term memory. Quizzes use pictures and music and most information is taken throw sight as opposed to the spoken word. Using newspapers and magazines as topics can lead to discussions on relevant current affairs.


Education is used commonly for activities, elderly nursing homes tend not to use it to try and teach residents new things but focus on stimulating interest and updating old and current skills. Talks can be given on various subjects that are relevant to the group by visitors to the home from the local community. Talks are carefully constructed so as not to run to long and are aimed at encouraging the participation of resident`s.


Social activities are popular in nursing homes, with tasks and games that can encourage residents’ to communicate with each other, things such as singing songs and reciting poems are common.  Movement to music exercise improves the well-being of residents and using music to relax can help with sleep and aid in mobility. A favourite in homes in taking part in both indoor and outdoor gardening, daily tasks such as watering and planting flowers are popular amongst residents’.

Other activities

Planned activities, elderly nursing homes come up with are massively important for well-being, residents’ are in the home for 24 hours a day most days and keeping them entertained is of the upmost importance. Some residents may struggle with sleep and be awake through the night; a lot of homes can provide night owl activities for those residents to keep them entertained.

Trips into the local community for shopping days or a visit to the cinema or garden centre are hugely popular, involving both residents and staff. Days out give a sense of freedom and the chance to interact with the general public, Christmas time include a visit to the pantomime and Christmas markets. Excursions are funded by relatives and family members of residents and through annual craft fairs that some homes organise for the community.

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