Catholic Nursing Homes

Catholic Nursing Homes

Nursing homes can be a beneficial place to send a relative or friend that has become unable to care for themselves, whether that is through illness or accident. These can provide round the clock care and assistance to residents who require it and all care is carried out by registered, qualified nurses. Homes can also cater to members of different churches and religions, with, for example, Catholic nursing homes, Jewish nursing homes and Christian nursing homes.

What Catholic nursing homes provide?

Catholic nursing homes have all the facilities of regular nursing homes and are popular with retired priests, religious sisters, laity and others. They are under the Catholic

Church and presided over the local bishop (diocese) or archbishop (archdiocese), although Catholic nursing homes have their roots firmly buried in said religion, they welcome residents from all faiths and denominations equally.

One thing that it is present in Catholic homes is obviously that of religion, residents have the option to receive pastoral care and counselling from local pastors. Most homes will contain a small Oratory in which residents can celebrate mass on a regular basis and services can be held for those of other faiths.  Sisters also lead a daily service of the word of god and the Holy Communion for R.C residents, with friends, relatives and staff also encouraged to get involved.


All modern Catholic nursing homes have facilities that allow residents to feel as comfortable and independent as possible, each resident will also have their own room and some homes have rooms that can cater to couples who wish to live together. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms with some containing walk-in showers. Internet access, telephones, televisions and DVD players make residents feel at home and able to be in constant contact with family. Rooms also contain nurse call systems for instant care and residents are encouraged to bring with them belongings from home to give rooms an individually decorative outlook.

Nurses and staff in Catholic nursing homes are trained to respect the needs of the residents and to promote independence and community feel through interaction, maintaining dignity and privacy is of the upmost importance and it is always adhered to with a warm and friendly feel.


Activities and entertainment is classed as having as much importance as the medical side of care. Residents birthdays are treated as social events with other residents and staff involved in celebration and birthday cakes are supplied. Other annual events are also turned into social, community like events such as Easter and St Patricks Day. Christmas Day is celebrated with carol concerts by local choirs, mulled wine and cheese, trips to pantomimes and a traditional Christmas dinner, gifts are also exchanged.

Day to day activities differ and every day contains something different; this could involve trips into the local community and visits from local singing groups and craft sales. Typical activities include:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Games both physical and board games
  • Exercise
  • Big screen movies including popcorn and ice cream
  • Local history talks
  • Reminiscence therapy
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