Jewish Nursing Homes

Jewish Nursing Homes

Many nursing homes cater to any and all kinds of religious cultures; there is however homes that caters to a specific religion. Across the UK there are homes for different beliefs such as:

  • Jewish nursing homes
  • Christian nursing homes
  • Catholic nursing homes
  • Muslim nursing homes

This article will look at what Jewish nursing homes can offer residents.

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What do Jewish nursing homes provide?

All Jewish homes provide the upmost respect to cultures and traditions, a lot of homes also give priority to holocaust survivors and refugees. The levels of care in any nursing home will be carried out by qualified and registered nurses, this is no different in Jewish nursing homes. All staff will be full competent at carrying out care to residents and many of those staff will also be Jewish. Care that is given will allow the resident to be able to live as independently as possible, personal assistance can also be given to residents in the form of help with daily tasks such as:

  • Washing and bathing
  • Grooming
  • Feeding
  • Getting dressed
  • Help with surgical equipment

Dining in Jewish nursing homes will differ from that of a regular nursing home. Full kosher menus are provided and kashrut laws are overseen by a Jewish care shomer. Professional Jewish chefs provide the food with special dietary requirements catered to those that require it. Dining is made into a social event for both staff and residents with all those able, dining together every meal time, this can promote a friendly atmosphere between residents.

Each resident will have access to their own en-suite room containing all the necessary facilities such as televisions, telephone, tea and coffee making facilities and internet access. Residents are encouraged to bring items from home such as items of furniture and photos of family, some homes also allow the stay of pets.

Activities are a necessity a in Jewish homes and residents are encouraged to maintain independence at all times and participate as much as they can in an array of daily fun and games. Group discussions are popular and residents can discuss current affairs or different topics of interest as chosen by other residents. Yiddish groups allow residents to enjoy each other’s company and share anecdotes, jokes and have a good gossip.

Fun and games and days out into the local community to do some shopping, visits to museums or the seaside are hugely popular amongst both residents and staff.  Music and exercise is also used on a daily basis to improve the mobility of residents, gardening, baking and arts and crafts are also popular.


Shabbat and festivals are celebrated in the traditional way by both residents and staff; most Jewish nursing homes offer a shortened Shabbat service in a designated shul area in which residents are encouraged but not forced to be involved in, Kiddush candle lighting also takes place every Friday night. Festivals are made into community events with decorations and service that involve visitors and relatives and children from nearby Jewish schools and youth clubs also visit. 

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