Elderly Nursing Homes

Elderly Nursing Homes

Although not strictly for the elderly, nursing homes across the United Kingdom are predominantly made up of elderly residents. Nursing homes offer care and support to elderly people who cannot be cared for at home or require the need of 24 hour assistance. This can be for a number of reasons but usually due to gradual illness or disease.

What is provided?

Elderly nursing homes can offer the services of qualified, registered nurses that can offer care and treatment to residents of all conditions as-well as friendship. Homes are set up to provide a warm and community feel and residents are helped to live as independently as possible and stimulated with daily tasks and activities to promote mental and physical health. Tasks include fun activities that such as arts and crafts and tasks to promote independence such as gardening and involvement at meal times.

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The most common condition present in elderly nursing homes is dementia and many homes have dedicated facilities for those patients and those of related conditions such as Alzheimer`s and vascular dementia. Nurses provide one to one care and with the help of families learn about the life of residents, enabling them to understand the personal needs of each resident.

Help is also applied to day to day activities should the resident require it, this can be help with such things as washing, grooming, continence and feeding. Help can also be used in the form of personal assistance with walking aids and getting in and out of bed.

Occupational therapists

Elderly nursing homes are visited regularly by occupational therapists that can provide help with mental and physical issues and provide exercises and activities that can educate and develop the abilities of residents. Disabled residents can be helped by the occupational therapists designing activities that help the movement of muscles.

Speech and language therapists

Speech and language therapists are also widely present in elderly nursing homes, they are specialised in the treatment of speech, language and communication problems. Dementia suffers particularly suffer from communication problems, speech and language therapists visit the homes to provide exercises that can help to improve these aspects.

Other professionals such as chiropodists and hairdressers also visit the homes regularly to tend to residents.

Finding an elderly nursing home

Finding elderly nursing homes for your relative or friend is easier than ever with plenty of homes offering services in all areas of the UK, choosing one may not come quite as easy. It is wise when finding the perfect nursing home, that you treat it as if you were buying a house for your family.

Finding a home with good nursing is of primary importance to many people with studies showing 97% of people putting good care top of the list. Living quarters will also be important with resident rooms and day rooms needing to have a homely feel and a friendly atmosphere.

Cost of the home will have to be taken care of by residents although funding for nursing is available.

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