Nursing Homes Fees

Nursing Homes Fees

When placing a loved one into care it can prove to be a tough decision for all parties involved in the process. Choosing the right kind of care related to the condition is a must to receive the correct care and having a home that looks to sustain as much of the residents independence as possible is also important. Nursing homes fees are going to play a big part in care and people will look to pay a fee that is fare but does not impact on the level of care given.

Nursing homes fees for living

Nursing homes fees that are charged will vary from home to home, how much you will pay will be determined on the area, care and standard of the home.

Luxurious homes and homes that are in wealthy areas of the United Kingdom will often command a higher weekly fee from residents, most if not all homes will charge residents on a weekly basis.  The weekly amount charged will include a set service that is given by each home, this will be:

  • All meals and refreshments including any special dietary requirements
  • Utility bills for central heating, television, telephone and other facilities used in personal rooms
  • 24 hour care and all medication needed
  • Laundry including personal items and bedding
  • Council Tax
  • Activities

Extra services that most homes have available are more often than not subject to extra nursing homes fees; these should be enquired about during visits when choosing a home. Regular extra services are usually supplied by professionals that are visiting the home.  Residents do have a choice whether or not they wish to use these services but they do benefits to hygiene and grooming. Popular services are:

  • Chiropodists who provide foot care and treatments to residents, good foot care in elderly and disabled people is especially important.
  • Hairdressers, a lot of nursing homes have an in-house dedicated salon which is visited by a hairdresser who can provided hair styling and cutting to residents.
  • Beauticians, can provide manicures and make overs to residents in the home
  • Physiotherapists may or may not be subject to extra fees, they can help all residents in the comfort of the home.

Day trips that are organised will be funded by the home but anything purchased by residents will need to be paid for by residents, this can be things such as presents for family or sweets on shopping trips.

Stay at the home

Nursing homes fees for the duration of stay can start from £350 per person, per week and reach up to £1200 per person per week depending on the home. The cost of stay will depend on the capital and savings of the resident. Those with over £23,000 in savings including the value of their former home will be required to pay in full for the care they receive, those with under that amount may depending on the requirement for care be eligible for funding. Funding from the NHS will pay for the nursing care that is given.

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