NHS Nursing Homes

NHS Nursing Homes

NHS nursing homes care is massively important in all nursing homes across the UK; each resident in a nursing home that has a condition that is judged to require the need for 24 hour care is eligible to receive care from a registered nurse which is funded by the NHS. Nursing homes residents rely greatly on both the funding for care and the expertise of the nurses.

Nursing homes nursing

Nurses form the largest group of staff working for the NHS. Nursing homes are a popular place for nurses to be based and they can enjoy working in an interesting and varied environment alongside other professionals to provide the best level of care possible to residents with numerous conditions and disorders.

If you are someone who has an interest in caring for and helping people then nursing is an excellent career choice. There are skills you will need to pursue a career as a nurse, good people skills are essential especially in nursing homes putting people at ease and gaining their confidence should come naturally to you. Communication skills will also be important both with residents of homes and other professionals, working well as part of a team will also be essential. Having the ability to offer advice to residents and patients and being able to handle any potentially distressing situations that arise are also good skills to have.


Becoming a nurse will require that you hold a degree or diploma in nursing studying towards this can be funded with help from the NHS. Nursing homes offer an excellent place for those considering a nursing career and a chance to see if working in nursing is the right career choice, this is because they are happy to employ the work of volunteers. Volunteering can show universities of your commitment to becoming a nurse as-well as looking good on future CV`s.

Although there are no minimum entry requirements into study, it is generally required that you will need five GCSE`s at C or above and two A levels or the equivalent to gain entry to a degree programme. Literacy and numeracy skills are important as-well as good character.

The pre-registration programme diplomas and degrees are made up of 50% theory and 50% practice; time will be split between studying at the university or place of higher education and practical placements in different health care settings under the supervision of professionals. The course of study will last usually three years but can be five or six years for part time study and will be funded by the NHS. Nursing homes will allow care assistants to study part time towards a nursing degree.

Upon completion of study you will be awarded a degree or diploma in nursing and will be required to register to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to be able to practice as a nurse, being registered is a must in all nursing environments; once registered you will be free to find work in nursing homes.


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